Original Plans for RAW, Regal Praises Antonio Cesaro, Backstage Fallout


– Below is Backstage Fallout from last night’s RAW:

– William Regal had high praise for Antonio Cesaro during last night’s RAW:

“I’ve said it before and know(because he made mincemeat out of me)@AntonioCesaro is 10 times the man and wrestler I’ve ever been.”

– The original plan for last night’s RAW was to feature a number of qualifying matches for the Elimination Chamber match. When Vince McMahon decided the show needed to be re-written late in the afternoon, the qualifiers were dropped in favor of the six-man match. CM Punk was originally scheduled to wrestle in one of the qualifying matches but the decision was made to focus on his storyline with Kane next week.

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Partial source: PWInsider


  1. i love regal and hes a legend to so many but hes right even in his prime he couldnt touch cesaro, but to be fair daniel bryan couldnt touch cesaro,the dude is one of the best all around wrestlers ever. he really powerful and mastered in all forms of wrestling from lucha to shoot style you name it, he also looks like a champion and had a great attitude for wrestling ,dude is a real catch

    but the speaking 5 language s isnt that impressive consider all of them are spoken in sweden so i bet alot of peoole there know a few


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