Original Plans For WWE’s World Cup Tournament, News On The Universal Championship Match Finish


According to a report by Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com, WWE had some slightly different plans for the WWE World Cup tournament originally.

WWE has split up the Raw and SmackDown rosters for the tournament that takes place tomorrow, with the only time the brands will interact being the final, where one member of each roster will compete.

However, the report stated that the original plans were for the talents to be mixed, with John Cena originally set to face Rey Mysterio, something which was changed when Bobby Lashley was brought in.

News On The Universal Championship Match

According to Dave Meltzer during the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, there will be a clean finish during the match for the vacant Universal Championship at Crown Jewel, meaning by the end of the night there will be a set champion.

Meltzer noted that Brock Lesnar is very likely to be focusing on his UFC career following his performance tomorrow, but added there could be a chance he has signed another short-term deal and ends up winning the title.