Orndorff on Working Hogan, Says Today’s Product Is “Phoney Baloney”


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“Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff sat down with CJ Sabia on the debut episode of the Blue Steel Cage on the VOC Nation Radio Network. Check it out as “Mr. Wonderful” about his body and extensive training regimen in the 1980s, his shoot-style wrestling ability, recovery from neck injury, thoughts on Mr T, wrestling for WCW, and experiences turning on and wrestling Hulk Hogan.

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Not beating Hogan for the WWF Title:
That’s what they should have done. And instead of making hundreds of millions of dollars they could have made thousands of millions of dollars if they had done that. We talked about it some and that’s what they should have done … I guess for some reason because [Hulk] was 6’5″ and weighed 320 pounds that he was this big huge thing that nobody should beat him for the belt. If they would have said “Let’s go out there, Paul, and you fight for your life and Terry, you go out there and you fight for your life,” you can bet your ass I would have fought. I guarantee … I would have won and [Hulk] knows it.

Today’s product:
It’s been so downgraded. You look at boxing, you look at MMA fighting, that’s what people are watching. It’s more believable. That’s what people want to see. They don’t want to see that phoney baloney out there. They want to see something real. They want to see somebody lose a tooth, have a black eye.

Working with Hulk Hogan:
It worked out because the heel ran the show. I ran the matches, and I worked off of [Hulk Hogan]. [Hogan did] his best to work off of me because [he’d] never be able to keep up with me. I did that with Hogan. That’s why we worked together good. We [were] two Florida boys. I wasn’t buddy-buddy with him. I didn’t weigh 300 pounds but I weighed 240 pounds and I was a badass and he wasn’t.

The art of being a great wrestler:
I still call it a sport, because it is a sport. To me it takes years and years and years and you’ll never master it. As long as you have an opponent, you have to work around that opponent. And you’ll never master it. Never. You can be good at it, you can be great at it like I was. Or you can be good at it and okay with it. Whatever.

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  1. hey dumbass if wrestling was real everyone would be deal. u say people watch boxing and mma cause its more real… it is real lol wrestling a show u think he would get that

    • They had to have Hulk as a champion because he was a character they could mold. Mr. Perfect was a whole lot more talented but less controllable. Why do you think John Cena is the it factor in WWE? People talk about CM Punk but Vince knows who he can control. He let Warrior get over on Hulk and I have to tell you that Warrior was the only person that I thought had even less skills than Hulk. That’s why it’s more entertainment than sport in the WWE.. Could you imagine the difference in wrestling today; if Curt Hennig got the push Hogan got and held the belt for three years? We would be talking about a different outcome for sure.

      • First of all HULK CAN WRESTLE…jesus. Only IDIOTS think Hogan CAN’T wrestle. Period. Molding Hogan? Are you nuts. Hogan wouldn’t lose. He compromised. He went to do a movie but didn’t want to lose the belt AGAIN and lose his momentum. He wanted to probably keep the belt and come back champ. He WAS NOT happy after losing to Warrior – that’s a well spoken fact. You know not of what you speak, sorry. WWE would have made more money if Hogan would have lost the belt to Piper and/or Orndorff. The CHASE always makes more money than the champ holding the title – AND IS MORE EXCITING. The bets matches John Cena had were with Kurt Angle – but Kurt should have been champ with Cena chasing him for the belt. Orndorf vs Hogan is still (I believe) the biggest money-making fued of all time. Orndorf wasn’t bad on the mic but he was never polished – but Piper would have been pure gold as champ…but when someone like Hogan was making them SO much cash – Vince had to listen to him. Vince didn’t control Hogan – it was the other way around. You know who wrote/booked early wwf – Vince, Hogan, Mene Gene, Linda and Patterson. No corporation, no writers…and Hennig getting the belt? “A push like Hogan had’? Hogan didn’t have a push. LMAO. Hogan was a PHENOMENON. That’s NOT the same as a push.

        • Prove it; show me one match with Hogan doing a wrestling move. Hogan did movies that’s not wrestling. I never said Hogan was happy losing to the Warrior. I said he didn’t lose to real wrestlers like Curt Hennig. You ask anyone in the business who was better; I dare you. You are the one who doesn’t know nor understand from which you speak. I never mentioned Piper and Orndorf. The chase is only is good as what you hunt. Hogan was a gimmick and he was marketed well. The fact that you think he can wrestle trips me out big time lol. I tell you what; why don’t you write Hogan and ask him who could wrestle better. He’d tell you Curt Hennig because Hogan can’t lie like that.

    • and Allan must know nothing cuz back in the day – they beat each other up out there – not like today’s pansies who are afraid to take a punch, flying around the ring like idiots, saying scripted promos and punching and kicking. Wrestling is J-U-N-K nowadays…it ain’t even wrestling, it’s sports entertainment.

    • much of wrestling was real guys used to hit alot harder than they do now guys would allow the other guy to punch them as hard as they can or really smash their head with a steel chair its called hardway google it


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