Otis Comments On Comparisons To Dusty Rhodes: “There’s Only One Dusty”


Mr. Money In The Bank, Otis, has been enjoying a great push as of late in WWE and a lot of that is down to the incredible charisma that he has shown.

Because of that, comparisons have been made to the late, great Dusty Rhodes, and during a recent SportsKeeda.com interview, Otis discussed those.

“There’s only one Dusty Rhodes. I haven’t heard too much of that comparison but I guess you could say that because we’re both big, beefy guys. Good looking, thick men. It’s an honor,” Otis said. “He’s one of the best of all time, Dusty Rhodes and watching his stuff back too, just to see how he was working his swagger on the camera, how he translated to the fans was awesome, man.”

He continued, “I never studied Dusty too much but you’ve got to appreciate every time you watch his old matches, even the Polka Dot matches, he’s shaking, baby. He’s a legend, man, and I would hope to be close to ‘The American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes in comparison.”