Otunga on Taking Time Off to Film, Rock/Star Wars, Jericho at NXT Tapings

– David Otunga discussed taking time off from WWE to film the movie ‘The Call’ during a recent interview with The Baltimore Sun.

“It was definitely different. All I’ve done for the past three years is WWE non-stop. You get used to a certain way of life and certain things. I’m so busy on the road, I don’t get downtime, so now with the movie, for the first time in my life and in the past three years I had downtime and it was like I didn’t know what to do with myself. So, I might go to the gym and work out and I’d think now what, I don’t have to rush to the arena, I don’t have to drive to the next city. I got to relax my mind and my body, it was fun. When filming wrapped I was awfully excited to get back, it was cool, and it was the first time I had been away for a while. When I came back I was just ready to go, I was rejuvenated.”

– WWE published an article about The Rock wanting to be part of the next Star Wars installment.

– Chris Jericho will be at next Thursday’s NXT taping at Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL.

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  • If the Rock gets in Star Wars then he will F*** it up big time we dont need him back plugging his movies and only doing matche’s at ppv’s F*** off Rock.

    • allan mccann

      agree with the wrestling part, but i dont see how rock could f*** up the star wars franchise more then lucus has done lol if jackson can be in star wars and about every other film made,rock can, but rock should play a sith lord,cause no jedi is ripped they dont need to be.

      • Joe Balow

        make rock wear a fat suit?

        • Mujtaba Qaryzada

          Jedi do not get fat

  • allan mccann

    also, david utunga can stay in movies,cause he doesnt belong in wrestling

  • asteriex


    gotta love fanboys and their naivete.