OWE Pleads With US Embassy Over Visa Issues


Michael Nee, Vice President of Oriental Wrestling Entertainment, recently spoke with the South China Morning Post about the promotion’s futile attempts to receive visas. While T-Hawk, Cima & El Lindaman all got to show the world why their some of the top talent in Japan, the Double or Nothing event was originally supposed to be a coming out party for the Chinese promotion’s homegrown talent.

“There were four of our talented Chinese wrestlers invited to Double or Nothing, but they couldn’t get visas because of the embassy,” OWE vice-president Michael Nee told the South China Morning Post. “We gave them everything we had – invitation letters, documents, we were all prepared but it didn’t happen. We tried twice.”

Nee says he hopes the promotion can get their Chinese talent approved for AEW’s All Out event in August.

“If more people know, maybe there’s a better chance to have a visa next time for the big show in Chicago. We are invited, and OWE and AEW are both trying every way we can to get there and we need people to understand this. This is a big thing for China as well. No one else in the world has this platform to show themselves.”

AEW & OWE have a partnership, with Nee hoping that the agreement “is a great chance for us to show our Chinese culture and kung fu to the world.” Nee also ruminated on the reasons why there’s been such a struggle to get visas for Chinese citizens, citing the current trade war between US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

“Maybe it’s the trade war, or our wrestlers are too young – I think they are afraid our kids will run off the plane and don’t come back,”

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