Paige Responds To Triple H’s Joke About Her “Having Kids She Doesn’t Know Of”


Triple H recently made a joke about Paige during a media interview in the UK, and it is something that she has responded to on social media.

Triple H was asked about Edge and Paige potentially returning to wrestle, where he reflected that their health comes first, stating that“Edge has kids, Paige, maybe, she probably has some she doesn’t know of.”

This was meant as a joke at the moment but it is something that hasn’t been taken in that way by Paige, who responded stating that if her boss jokes about her, it’s no wonder that fans still do as well.

Paige’s boyfriend also took to Twitter to take a shot at Triple H about the situation, telling the WWE that they should be embarrassed having Triple H run the company. He stated that he hates watching her cry over WWE.

Many of Paige’s colleagues have come out to comment on the situation, showing their support to Paige about the situation.