Pain & Gain Reviews, Custom WWE Belt Designs, Mick Foley on The Rock Wrestling

– Mick Foley told BANG Showbiz that he believes that The Rock should continue to wrestle.

“Look, in WWE you can take the stars of the past and as long as they stay in great shape like The Rock they can take on the stars of the present and create those dream matches in a way that you can really have in other sports or other forms of entertainment.”

– WWE published an article looking at 10 custom belt designs for classic Superstars such as Eddie Guerrero, Edge, Bret Hart, The Ultimate Warrior, “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Steve Austin.

– Reviews for Pain & Gain continue to be pretty much split down the middle. The film remains at a 48% on Out of the 101 reviews counted, 53 have been negative and the remaining 48 are positive.