Pat Patterson Press Continues, Hogan Draws A Huge Crowd


— The June 30 issue of Time Magazine has a blurb in the Milestones column about Pat Patterson coming out of the closet on WWE Legends House. Below is an excerpt:

“OPENED UP – Hall of Fame WWE wrestler- and current WWE executive -Pat Patterson, 73, who announced he was gay during the season finale of a WWE-centric reality show.”

— Steve Williams sent a report on a live Hulk Hogan appearance:

I Attended the Hulk Hogan autograph signing in Tewksbury, MA yesterday. A huge crowd of about 1,500 showed up. Hogan was awesome, and stayed about an hour and a half later than expected to get to everyone.

He promoted MITB when he first showed up and posed for a few pictures. My only gripe was with the venue itself. I had “VIP Passes” so I thought I’d get in early. All it meant was I was in a “shorter line” and people without VIP passes got in before me. Pretty stupid if you ask me. All and all though, Hogan is a class act with the fans. Loved seeing him.

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