Paul Heyman Discusses A CM Punk/WWE Return, Matt Riddle On A WWE Debut


Paul Heyman spoke with The Wrap promoting WrestleMania 32. When asked about a possible CM Punk return, he said, “I don’t think he’s asked to be welcomed back, and I don’t think WWE is of the opinion that Punk wants to come back. And I think Punk’s attitude at this moment is to validate their theory. He’s focused on getting that first fight in. He really wants that first fight.”

Matt Riddle spoke with Yahoo! promoting EVOLVE’s weekend shows and talked about potentially going to WWE. Riddle said that he didn’t think he would stay in NXT long and would hit the main roster soon if he joins the company.

Riddle said, “If I do make WWE — because in my head, until it’s official, it’s not a thing — I think if they brought me in, it would be very short lived at NXT, and I’d be on main roster extremely quick. Because what do you do with a guy who won his last four fights in the UFC, won his last fight after the UFC, then dominated on the indies? And not only dominated, I’m pretty sure I made every top-10 list for good wrestlers, and I’ve only been doing it a year. But you never know what they’ll do. If your goal is to not be on main roster, I don’t know why you’d be there. If you’re a wrestler in the WWE, then your goal is to be the headliner, main event of WrestleMania.”