Paul Heyman Reacts to CM Punk Ripping Fan on Monday’s Raw


Shortly after the CM Punk & Curtis Axel brawl on Monday’s Raw episode, WWE interviewed Paul Heyman on the WWE App. Heyman said that Punk was at his worst and has a “criminal intent” with his actions.

“One person in the crowd set the man’s emotions into overflow,” Heyman said of Punk ripping a fan for booing during his promo. “How he picked up a chair and wrapped it around Curtis Axel’s body! Very passionate, wouldn’t you say? Very aggressive.”

Heyman finished the interview by stating that Punk “was coming home.” “He’s getting there,” Heyman said. “But he’s coming home.”

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  1. That was Classic ECW in its hay days awesome Punk is carrying the WWE right now The Belt is tarnished so much no one cares about it its all about Punk

  2. Boo hook punk it was probably just a smark. For someone to claim to love the business and be the best in the world you sure as hell don’t know how to deal with the fans. Maybe it’s because punk is a face that it didn’t come off well because the Dudley’s were masters at this.


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