Paul Heyman Returns To The ECW Arena For WWE DVD

Below is the listing of the Blu-ray extras on the upcoming WWE Ladies and Gentlemen, My Name Is Paul Heyman release. One of those extras is titled, “Touring the ECW Arena “. Several months ago, when WWE was in town for a TV taping, Heyman and a camera crew went to the old ECW arena and toured the facility and told stories that will be incorporated into this extra. Here is the complete listing of the Blu-ray extras…

Riding a Bike Down a Rooftop
Lending a Hand
Managers’ Fan Clubs
Austin Idol’s Manager
New York?
“I owe my career to Paul Heyman”
Needed Venting
Paul the Promo Guy
Mystery Partner
Program Money
Leather Bag
Sending ECW a Tape
No Show Groomsman
King of NYC
White Corvette
Supported by the Competition
Ended Up with Nothing
Touring the ECW Arena
Out with a Bang
Common Bond
Breaking Vince’s Desk
Baseball Slide
Creative Paul
King Kong
Because I Can’t
Dirty Laundry
Real Friends
Comical Paul
Kid’s Cutting Promos
Genius or Insane?
Genuine Friend

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