Paul Heyman Says Won’t Talk About His Time As WWE Raw Executive Director


During a recent interview with Bleacher Report, Paul Heyman made it clear he doesn’t want to discuss his time as WWE Raw Executive Director.

When asked about AJ Styles’ recent negative comments towards him and his role as Director, Paul Heyman stated he didn’t want to talk about it, whether it was a positive situation or a negative one due to the secrecy that comes with the role.

“In the 50 or so weeks that I was the executive director of Monday Night Raw, I never discussed being the executive director of Monday Night Raw, and the reason why is because when you’re in that position, you’re privy to the top echelon, inner-sanctum of the inner workings of WWE,” he said. “Along with that position comes an expectation of confidentiality and secrecy. I never violated that confidentiality or secrecy while executive director, which is why I didn’t do any interviews while executive director.”

He finished by saying, “I won’t discuss anything I did as executive director, whether it’s something worthy of praise or criticism, because I will respect the responsibility that I had to keep everything that I did as executive director secret or confidential, whether that’s in the face of criticism or praise that has been bestowed upon me.”