WATCH: Paul Heyman Strikes Back After Two Fans Hijack His WWE Raw Promo with Marriage Proposal


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Two fans got engaged this Monday night on WWE Raw, and the company’s resident “Advocate” Paul Heyman certainly gave them a moment they’ll never forget.

While cameras never actually caught what happened on television, WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar was obviously distracted by something happening off-screen, as Heyman was busy verbally ripping into their upcoming challenger AJ Styles. Luckily the champ took the moment in stride, laughing and pointing out the proposal-in-progress to his manager, bringing his angry tirade to a screeching halt. The crowd soon broke out in a “she said yes” chant, and Heyman wasted no time in turning the distraction to his own benefit.

“She only said ‘yes’ because she’s never been up close to a Beast like Brock Lesnar!” said Heyman, prompting the Atlanta crowd to erupt in appreciation. “Just so you know, interrupting my promo is like stepping into the ring with Brock Lesnar; you ain’t got a chance!”

Things quickly got back on track, as the Beast Incarnate and his always-eloquent mouthpiece sent a message to the WWE Champion ahead of Survivor Series.

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