PCO Is Not Human… But He Has Signed ‘The Biggest Contract Of His Career’ With Major Promotion


Carl Outlet, better known these days as the Frankenstein’s monster of professional wrestling, PCO, has signed his first major contract since the closure of World Championship Wrestling at the age of 50.

PWInsider.com is reporting that the former Quebecer and three-time WWF World Tag Team Champion has signed an exclusive full-time contract with Ring of Honor. On Twitter, PCO called the deal “the biggest contract and opportunity of my career,” signed nearly two decades after his last run in WWE.

It has been noted in recent weeks that that with several key members of The Elite not expected to sign new contracts, Ring of Honor is currently in “signing mode”, looking for popular names they can lock down. He also indicated that he will start with the promotion in December, which points towards a debut at either Final Battle, or the television tapings the next night.