Pete Dunne Reveals Who He Thinks Are The Top Two Wrestlers In WWE, Tyler Breeze Open To Will Ospreay Match


During a recent interview with The Metro, WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne revealed who he thinks are the top two stars in WWE.

“On our brand, my standard is always Tyler [Bate]. It might be obvious, but the performances he put in were unreal in Liverpool recently and he was a step above everyone else. It’s something for everyone else to chase and that’s a good thing. NXT is built on competition and the feel of the matches are competitive, but in the back it’s the same.

I see Tyler pull out a great performance and it really makes me want to get in the ring. In the whole of WWE, it’s got to be AJ Styles. He’s absolutely been killing it for so many years, and now he’s in a top spot and rightfully so. I’d love to get in the ring with him someday.”

Tyler Breeze Open To Will Ospreay Match

A fan tweeted to Tyler Breeze asking the WWE Superstar if he has ever wrestled Will Ospreay and Breeze stated he hadn’t but would be open to the idea, stating it would be cool.

New Japan’s Ospreay saw the tweet and decided to challenge Breeze, stating “come on then pretty boy,” with Breeze stating it was both a challenge and a compliment.

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