Pete Dunne Talks WWE UK Royal Albert Hall Show, Urging Fans To Watch PROGRESS, Being The Face Of WWE UK Brand


WWE UK Champion, Pete Dunne, recently spoke with Josh Lawless from about the upcoming WWE UK show’s and being the face of the WWE UK division.

The Royal Albert Hall show:

“It’s really exciting, I think it’s a culmination of what we’ve done thus far – even before the WWE UK stuff came in, just building this UK scene with promotions like PROGRESS and ICW. To do a venue which is so prestigious, it really is something special.”

Urging fans to watch PROGRESS Wrestling:

“I urge people to go and watch PROGRESS, ICW and places like that and they’ll see the depth of talent themselves. There’s a few people like Zack Gibson, Flash Morgan Webster, Chris Brookes (CCK) and Travis Banks – all these guys are based in the UK that are killing it all over the country three, four or five times a week.

“It would be great seeing some of them get a shot on this one. And if not ,it’s good to see how it’s developing – how you can start off on the smaller shows, get yourself on places like PROGRESS and this stuff [WWE] seems achievable now. There’s a clear pathway that wasn’t there seven years ago.”

Being the face of the UK division:

“I obviously feel proud of what I’ve done and the fact I’ve brought it this far. Being in a position to get the most exposure and being on NXT and stuff, it is a responsibility – I don’t feel pressure as such but there is that responsibility there to make sure I’m not just representing myself right, but the UK brand in general.

“But there’s still that collective effort. It was the same when Tyler was holding the title – the same mentality that we want to kill it and put on the best shows possible. We want to make it hard for NXT shows to match it, that was the outlook in Blackpool and hopefully that’ll be the same again at the Royal Albert hall.”

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