Photo of Hogan and Hart Arriving for RAW, Hogan on Being Backstage

– Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart have both arrived to the arena for tonight’s RAW in Green Bay. Here’s a photo of them arriving:

Hogan at RAW

Hogan tweeted about being backstage:

“What a great energy at the building in Green Bay, I’m ready NOW!!! HH”

New Details on WWE’s Big Future Plans for Hulk Hogan…

  • TwoBits

    I know Hogan and Jimmy Hart are joined at the hip off screen, but is the Mouth of the South going to be on screen tonight, too?

  • Booyah2014

    I’m going to guess since the cat was let out of the bag so early and that WWE was a little upset about all of it…they are probably going to stick Hogan out there at the beginning of RAW.

    I’s not a surprise anymore.

  • john

    lol. hart is probably pulling hogans luggage