Pierre Carl Ouellet Discusses Real Fight with Kevin Nash


Former WWE Superstar Pierre Carl Ouellet discussed his backstage fight with Kevin Nash in the WWE in 1995 that let to him being released by the company, during an interview on the “Best of Great North Wrestling” Volume #1 DVD.

“Kevin Nash was having a big run and was being cocky about it,” Ouellet recalled. “He had the attitude — and Shawn [Michaels] too at that time had a lot of attitude, and Razor [Ramon].

“I didn’t like the fact that Nash came up to me and said, ‘next month in Montreal in your hometown, you’re going down with the jackknife,’ and things like that. It got under my skin, and it was a scratch kinda fight and we brought it into the ring. That’s what happened, and it escalated into a real fight in the ring and it was just crazy, crazy.”

Here is footage from the interview:

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  1. It’s simply the nature of business – those on top are c***y, those below should use them to their advantage and, most of all, not be a priss. Now look.


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