PJ Black Explains Why His Character Is “So Much Better Than Justin Gabriel”


Former-WWE Tag Team Champion PJ Black recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet about his new contract with Ring of Honor. Black recently turned down an offer with WWE, saying that if he were to ever return to WWE, it’d be under his trademarked, original ring name, PJ Black, and not as WWE’s Justin Gabriel.

Black explained his loyalty to his original ring name:

“I’ve been PJ Black for fifteen years, so, a lot of people don’t really know that. But a lot of people that have been following me since my PJ Black days, since I was sixteen years old, they know. And that’s my goal, too, my goal is to let people know that PJ Black is so much better than Justin Gabriel. Just like the character stuff, like, you’re kinda limited to stuff you can do and say on WWE TV and you get given direction. On the indies, you can just do whatever you want, and I feel like wrestling is an art form. And as an artist, you need to express yourself.”

Transcription via Robert Gunier at Wrestling INC.