Plans for Del Rio’s Title Rematch, Foley Says Age of Sandow Is Here

– Mick Foley says Damien Sandow losing after cashing in his Money In the Bank briefcase on RAW was not a burial. Foley says what we saw on RAW was the dawning of the age of Sandow. Foley tweeted:

“THAT WAS AWESOME! Who else found themselves being swept up in the wave of excitement that IS @TheDamienSandow-mania! #RAW Way to go Damien! Come on all you #DebbieDowners out there – what happened to @TheDamienSandow was FAR from a burial! It was the dawning of the age of Sandow! One year from today, I will remind all of you that I declared October 28,2013 as the dawning of the age of @TheDamienSandow-mania! #RAW”

– Word after WWE Hell In a Cell was that the Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena rematch would take place before the Survivor Series pay-per-view on free TV. However, word coming out of RAW last night was that Del Rio vs. Cena for the World Heavyweight Title will indeed take place at Survivor Series.

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  • captainbuck

    Didn’t Mick declare an age of Ziggler about a year ago? How about an Age of Iced Cream Bars? NO?

  • Murlin Richard

    what i wanna kno is, why they got a picture of shameus up there??, he’s not even involved in a conversation

  • Zuckerton

    Not a burial? He lost to a one armed man after brutally attacking him, how is that not a burial?

    Yeah, it was a great effort, but it was still against someone who was injured. If he had done that sort of effort with a healthy Cena, I’d be more inclined to see it the other way.

    • Jeff Rittenour

      I don;t watch raw or sd – haven’t for over 2 years but I read what happened just to know and watch the ppvs…when I saw that he cashed in on raw I was like ‘NICE – gotta see this…” only to see him lose!? WTF…He gets the dubious honor or being the first to cash in and FAIL…that honor should have went to the MIZ, the biggest taint of a title since David Arquette.

      • Charles Irving

        No. Cena was the first one to cash in and fail, Cena cashed in on CM Punk and failed.

        • DQ Irving

          Cena won…. by disqualification. Sandow was the first to lose the match when cashing in. I honestly am not a fan of Sandow, but he clearly should have won.

  • Mr. Baker

    call it what you want …but If that wasn’t a burial IDK what is…..SuperCena prevails again

  • Jeff Rittenour

    damn it – no singles matches at Survivor series…I used to love that the titles didn’t get defended there…it just adds more time to the reign and STILL allows the main event to be filled with top guys….I want Team YES (Bryan, Show, Cody, ‘Dust & ?) vs Team Corporate (HHH, Orton & The Shield). NO SINGLES MATCHES PLEASE!!!!

  • Ralph Ramos

    When Sandow further injured Cena and cashed in his Money in The Bank, that brought life to the show. Damien Sandow was A New Hope. He did everything he could, but still failed and the wind died off on the sail. Cena has been champion like 15 times. Couldn’t they give Sandow a bone? He would’ve brought new life to the WWE scene, and Cena wouldn’t have felt a thing, since he’s won the belt countless times and had the perfect excuse for losing. Why, Cena, Why????

    • Rich Francis

      They are building up smackdown to three hours and they need need the biggest superstar on the roster ever defending it. Why not Cena. He may not be our first choice. Heck My choice I would pick honestly is Drew Mcintyre. He has gotten the shaft for so long. They forgave Jack Swagger last December witch I was happy with now they they got to do that with Drew. I do think that’s WWEs problem with the midcard level. We hasn’t Damien gotten any IC or US title chances and for that this is why I am so pist off at the WWE We have had to watch so much and you must know its the longest riviarly all year CM PUNK VS RYBACK. Yeah they both had different opponents but soon it came back to them. and then they had to put Heyman on his side. But I for the most part understand your pain my friend.

  • Ernie Marin

    Sadly Foley many concussions seems to have finally gotten to him, not only was last night a burial, but now Sandown will have to wait until mania just to be mention again in title scene, and within a year we will wonder we he is still in the WWE.