Platinum Championship Wrestling March News And Notes


The tournament for the Unified PCW/EMPIRE Championship continues, a the quarterfinal and semi-final rounds will take place on March 2nd at 6 p.m.  The finals will take place as part of Porterdale, Georgia’s big St.Patrick’s Day celebration on March 16th.  The wrestling show will be held outdoors to accommodate what is sure to be a huge crowd (the last PCW event held outdoors was their “Revolutionary War Games” show last July 4th which had an estimated 400-500 people).

PCW will also be a part of the parade on March 16th.  The Priority Males have already declared that they will crown Nina Monet “Queen of PCW” during the parade.

The Tag Team Season is underway.  Every win for a team earns them a point, and the first four teams that reach 10 points will be entered into the semi-finals at Sacred Ground: Chapter Four.  Sacred Ground: Chapter Four will take place October 5th, 2013 in Porterdale,

Stephen Platinum has officially stepped down from running Platinum Championship Wrestling, and Shane Mackey is in charge of the shows.  Stephen Platinum will now hold only the title of Promoter of PCW.  Mackey and the crew hope to repeat the success of an amazing 2012, where PCW was deemed Promotion of the Year, Sacred Ground: Chapter Three was Show of the Year, and Stephen Platinum was Booker of the Year in the Georgia Wrestling History Awards.

The Wrestlers of the Lost Ark video is just the first of many that Stephen Platinum is commissioning to promote PCW shows.  There will be on average one video a month.

The rankings are as follows:

The title is currently vacant

1.  “The Revelation” Shane Marx (with Miss Rachael) 2.  Fred Yehi 3.  “Do Or Die” Chip Day 4.  Marko Polo 5.  “Pump Yo Brakes” Steve Goins 6.  Supernatural 7.  Trey Williams (the top seven are currently in the tournament to determine a new champion) 8.  Geter 9.  Mason 10. Brian Blaze