Possible Multi-Person Matches at WM, Fans Kicked Out for Signs?


– There was a radio show in the Green Bay area talking about how WWE kicked two fans out of Monday’s RAW for holding up signs. One fan said he gave his “Randy Savage for WWE Hall of Fame” sign to the person sitting next to him and then felt bad when that person got kicked out with him. Other signs that reportedly were deemed a problem by security said “Ronda Rousey can armbar John Cena and make him tap” and “Less Talk, More Wrestling.” The one fan also had a sign that said something about CM Punk being right in that UFC is better than WWE.

– There has been some talk of doing a multiple Divas match at WrestleMania XXX. There also may be a multi-team match for the WWE Tag Team Titles.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


  1. how does a randy savage for hof sign warrant getting booted from the arena? That’s total bulls***, period. EVERY person attending raw in the next month should ALL have signs that say “WWE stole my original sign…”

    • How does ANY fan sign warrant a boot? They paid for their seat, and any sign that truly is offensive and/or disruptive can either be taken away or blurred off television.

      I miss watching fans chuck garbage in the ring when garbage took place. Fans have a voice, and an opinion.


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