Prichard and D-Lo on Their Way Out of TNA?, More on Restructuring

– TNA officials have been restructuring the company which is why several talents have been released or had their contracts expire lately. This has also led to changes and departures in the TNA offices.

Multiple sources report that TNA’s Senior VP of Programming and Talent Relations Bruce Prichard was among the office workers asked to restructure his contract. Word is that Prichard rejected that quest and he may be on his way out of the company.

The TNA agents have also been asked to change their deals to a per-night agreement. Word going around is that D-Lo Brown agreed to the per-night agreement only to be fired shortly thereafter.

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  • Louisa Baton

    I knew D-Lo was gone but Bruce is a shock. I guess not really because he was pushing for MVP to come to TNA and Hogan isn’t to into non Whites I’m afraid.

  • allanmccann

    damn bruce is like the only one who knows what hes doing