Prime Time Players Name Each Other’s Annoying Habits


The WWE Magazine profiled The Prime Time Players under the “Tweet Us” portion in the April 2013 edition. When asked to name the other’s most annoying habit, here is what they said.

Darren Young: Titus’s most annoying habit is that he’s very gassy. Any time we eat at a soul food restaurant and we have to drive to the next city, it’s like a Dutch oven in our SUV. It makes me sick!

Titus O’Neil: Darren’s most annoying habit is taking the longest showers ever and leaving tanner all over the bathroom. He’s the only African-American guy I ever met that goes tanning. It’s very annoying, because we sometimes have to get up earlier than usual to hit the gym and find somewhere just so he can tan. It’s very annoying because I like to get my rest.

The feature can be read in its entirety in the April 2013 issue of WWE Magazine.

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  1. wtf, darren is black why does he tan?? tanning is bad for you the only reason its done is cause people want darrens skin.


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