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Chris Masters
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Born in Santa Monica, California on January 8, 1983, Christopher Robillard Mordetzky is now 34 years of age. He started his pro wrestling training at the tender age of 16 under the tutelage of Rick Bassman.

Bassman had informed the aggressive pupil that WWE talent was often plucked from the Ultimate Pro Wrestling independent scene and so Mordetzky started to intensely train his physique so as to impress the discerning eyes of the WWE.

Sure enough, he did get noticed by WWE talent scouts and he signed a contract to appear in WWE’s developmental territory of Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) at the age of 20. Mordetzky really developed his wrestling skills and attitude for his eventual on–screen debut in the WWE.

That day came when he debuted on Raw as a heel, attempting to be a narcissist, obsessed with his impressive physique and was constantly posing for the crowd. Before walking to the ring, he would stop and pose in the position of “The Thinker” sculpture by Auguste Rodin and then casually make his way to his opponent.

He called himself “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters and he started off using Ivan Putski’s old finishing maneuver “The Polish Hammer”, a swinging shot to the opponent’s face or chest while grasping both hands together. In his debut match, not only did Masters defeat his opponent Stevie Richards, but also he inadvertently broke Richard’s nose with the Polish Hammer.

He then started touting his version of the Full Nelson known as the “Master Lock” as being inescapable by anyone due to his awesome strength. On episodes of Raw he would have “Master challenges” where he would dare anyone to get into the hold and try to break out of it.

The Master Lock proved to be effective against the likes of Val Venis and Sgt. Slaughter who submitted before they were able to break the hold. Masters even received a challenge from the Big Show, to which Masters fled, emphasizing his underlying cowardice.

The cocky Masters then entered a feud with fellow egomaniac “HBK” Shawn Michaels with Michaels as the face. The two would fight one another in tag team bouts with Masters teaming with Carlito and Michaels teaming with an aging Ric Flair. Masters became frustrated when Michaels appeared resistant to the Master Lock and resorted to striking Michaels with a steel chair. The two feuded in singles and tag team contests with Michaels ultimately being the victor at the “Unforgiven” Pay-Per-View event. Masters as always cited Michaels as his childhood wrestling idol.

Masters then started to feud with Rey Mysterio Jr. in both tag team bouts and at the “Survivor Series” Pay-Per-View event with Mysterio emerging victorious by eliminating Masters.

Masters next attacked John Cena on Raw following one of Cena’s matches. Masters applied the Master Lock and Cena fell unconscious and could not break the hold. The two then faced each other along with Kurt Angle in a triple threat match for the WWE Heavyweight Championship on Raw. Masters got his comeuppance as he ultimately submitted to Cena’s STFU.

Masters defeated Viscera to gain a shot at being a participant in the Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View main event. Masters ultimately lost the event due to a betrayal by former partner in crime, Carlito.

In 2006, Masters lost a tournament to determine the number one contender to the WWE championship at WrestleMania XXII. Later on an episode of Raw, Masters applied the Master Lock on a returning Marty Jannetty, former partner of Shawn Michaels in the Rockers. While Jannetty fought to escape the hold, Shawn Michaels came in and attacked Masters.

Vince McMahon then announced a tag team match uniting old partners/rivals Carlito and Masters against Kane and The Big Show at WrestleMania XXII. Masters and Carlito lost the bout and had a heated exchange afterwards with Carlito turning face. Masters would then fight Carlito with Carlito ultimately emerging victorious.

Masters then had to leave the WWE to undergo rehabilitation for painkiller and drug addiction. He returned on Raw in August 2006 having lost most of his previous chiseled physique. Despite his new appearance, Masters counted to lose bout after bout most of the time including a run against Jerry “The King” Lawler.

At the end of December 2006, things got worse for Masters when John Cena became the first person ever to successfully win the Master Lock challenge by breaking free and applying the same hold to Masters, causing him to submit. Bobby Lashley had come close to achieving this feat but was never fully able to break the hold.

Disgraced, Masters chocked up more losses against Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella and old rival Carlito. He also continued to apply the Master Lock challenge to some success on Raw and SmackDown!

Regrettably Masters violated the WWE Wellness policy by testing positive for drug use yet again. He was eventually released for this reason in 2007.

About a month after his WWE release, Masters appeared on the independent circuit where he remained for the next 2 years. He extensively toured the globe including stops in Australia, Japan and Europe. His greatest success was in Harley Race’s World League Wrestling where he won his first title ever, the WLW Heavyweight Championship. He lost the strap close to 4 months alter.

Things turned up for Masters in 2009 when he became re-signed to the WWE. He reprised his Masterpiece arrogant persona but this time was able to win over fans and turn face in the process by jiggling his pectoral muscles to various tunes (don’t ask).

After wishing to leave his comedic run, Masters then transferred to SmackDown! whereby he enjoyed a prolonged wining streak of 11 straight matches. He partook in the 2010 Survivor Series Pay-Per-View event and although he was eliminated, Masters’ team still scored a victory.

Thereafter Masters did appear on NXT as a mentor to Byron Saxton and also appeared on some episodes of Raw. In August 2011 he fought Jack Swagger and lost. He was released from the WWE the very next day.

From late 2001 to present, Masters has appeared on a slew on independent shows across the globe once again. He has some success and was even able to capture the PCW (Preston City Wrestling) Heavyweight Championship in England and also appeared on TNA (Total Nonstop Action).

Masters is a fine example of a wrestling talent that could have gone much further with his WWE career than he did as drugs and a bad attitude got in the way. He seems to have fared well on the independent circuit and hopefully his star will continue to rise.

Special thanks to Dr. Stephen Balsky for contributing the above wrestler profile.

Dr. Stephen Balsky is a chiropractor currently in practice in his native Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He has been a wrestling fan since age 13 and is very passionate about the product, especially the “old-school” 80’s – 90’s era. He completed his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree in 2015 and currently is also working part-time as a professor in both business and healthcare.