PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 95 Results (9/15): New PROGRESS World Champion, Matt Riddle & Keith Lee Team Up


PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 95 Results
Results courtesy of TWM News

PROGRESS Tag Team Title Match 

1- Scotty Davis & Jordan Devlin def. Grizzled Young Veterans (c) (Zack Gibson & James Drake) and Aussie Open via submission to become the new champions

2- Pete Dunne def. Cara Noir via submission.

3- Moustache Mountain def. Keith Lee & Matt Riddle via pinfall.

PROGRESS Women’s Title Match 

4-Meiko Satomura def. Jordynne Grace (c) via pinfall to win the title.

PROGRESS Proteus Title Rumble

5-Paul Robinson def. Ilja Dragunov, Chuck Mambo, Spike Trivet, William Eaver, Danny Duggan, The O.J.M.O, Dani Luna, Charli Evans, Millie McKenzie, Chakara, Roy Johnson, Mike Bailey, Chris Brookes, Jonathan Gresham, Eddie Kingston, Dan Moloney, Gene Munny, Session Moth Martina, Sugar Dunkerton, Travis Banks, NIWA, TK Cooper, Connor Mills, Sid Scala, Chief Deputy Dunne, Los Federales Santos Jr, Fraser Thomas, Vacant and Chris Roberts to win the title, lastly eliminating Duggan to be the first-ever champion.

The PROGRESS World Title match between WALTER & David Starr was interrupted mid-match by Eddie Dennis, who cashed in his title shot from Hello Wembley, just as a mystery man hit Starr with a chair, who revealed himself to be Mark Andrews!

PROGRESS World Title

6- Eddie Dennis def. David Starr & WALTER (c) via pinfall to win the title.