AEW Double or Nothing Rally Liveblog — Goes To Jacksonville!


All Elite Wrestling (AEW) will be hosting their first official event this afternoon in Jacksonville, FL in order to properly announce “Double or Nothing”, which is expected to be the highly anticipated sequel to last September’s ALL IN pay-per-view. will be on hand all day long, live from Jacksonville, bringing you up-to-the minute coverage of everything going down at today’s rally, including photos, videos, live vlogs and interviews. We’ll be collecting everything RIGHT HERE on this page, so make sure to check in throughout the day for updates.

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6:45 AM CT: It is very early, but we have all made it to O’Hare airport in Chicago and have boarded the flight to Jacksonville! See you soon Florida!

11:30 AM ET: Our team has arrived at TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville, and are scoping out the site of tonight’s AEW Double or Nothing rally. The crew is still working to get things set up. From the looks of things they are expecting a whole lot of people, and the production, while still in its early phases of being put together, looks top notch.

12:30 PM ET: After a nice lunch down the street at Russ-Doe’s Sandwich Shop (very good and very affordable) we have confirmed our press credentials for tonight’s rally. We will also have interview time with Cody Rhodes himself after the rally. And… we might go to Smackdown.

1:15 PM ET: We have temporarily arrived at our Airbnb for this evening to rest and record a pre-AEW podcast. They have also left us several bottles of wine. Here we go…

2:30 PM ET: Here’s our AEW Double or Nothing Pre-Show Podcast:

3:30 PM ET: We are here! There’s about 150 people in line so far and the production crew is going through their final checks.

4:00 PM ET: Conrad Thompson, famous podcast host and the man behind Starrcast, is here. Word going around is that PAC is also here.

4:30 PM ET: They’re letting people in! The crowd has crowd to several hundred. Too big to guess. New merch is available and we have food trucks, as well as Jacksonville cheerleaders here pumping up fans and handing out rally towels!

4:45 PM ET: Shahid Khan and Tony Khan are both in attendance. Billionaire Papa Khan wearing an AEW hat is truly a wild site, but it says a lot that he’s actually here in person and excited about this endeavor.

5:05 PM ET:  The rally actually started on time! One last pre-rally note — Billy Gunn is here with his song. It’s believed that he is actually a backstage producer of some sort for AEW, and we expect an announcement to be made soon. HBO is also here shooting content for VICE.

5:30 PM ET: It’s official, all three members of SCU have signed with AEW. They kicked off the party and danced around with the Jaguars cheerleaders. We heard from Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes, who talked about how wins and losses will matter, and also about how AEW wants to raise the pay rate of wrestlers and will be taking care of their stars like never before. The Bucks came out and they all officially announced that AEW Double or Nothing will take place on 5/25 from the famous MGM Grand arena in Las Vegas!

5:50 PM ET: Lots and lots of new informmation and surprise (and some not surprise) contract signings revealed. Dr. Brit Baker came out and talked about women’s wrestling, and AEW putting their best foot forward with her being one of the first stars signed to the promotion. It was also announced that women would be receiving equal pay, which got a huge pop. MJF is here, although he didn’t “officially” confirm himself AEW because his MLW contract is still in play. He cut a great heel promo and ended up getting attacked by — surprise, it’s Joey Janela and Penelope Ford! They’re ALL IN on AEW too!

PAC is here! Hangman Page came out and said that he wanted to be the first person to win the AEW Championship when they decide how that will play out. He was interrupted by PAC, who came dressed to compete for some reason, and was carrying his Dragon Gate title. He said he’s already a champion, and he’s ALL . IN on AEW (catchphrase of the night). Seems like they’re teasing this as the first major program for the company.

6:15 PM ET: The rally is over. Technically. The final reveal was none other than Chris Jericho, who got a rockstar’s entrance with more pyro than WWE used in all of 2018. He announced his signing with AEW and hyped up the crowd, before a giant fireworks display closed out the night coming from the top of TIAA Bank Field. I couldn’t shake the fact that Jericho, a diehard WWE loyalist just one year ago, was standing there, fireworks lighting up the entire sky, a block away from Vince McMahon.

It was also announced that AEW would be running ANOTHER show this year in Jacksonville, and that proceeds would go towards ending gun violence in the city, which is something Tony Khan is very supportive of.

11:00 PM ET: My apologies, the old phone died there towards the end of the night. The entire panel of AEW stars decided to stay an extra TWO HOURS and do autographs and photos with literally everyone in attendance, and refused to leave until everyone had been met. During that time we got the chance to speak with Tony Khan, and will be getting highlights from that up on the site soon.

Around 8:00 they finally wrapped up the autographs and we were able to do interviews with Hangman Page, the Young Bucks, Cody and Brandi Rhodes, which will all be available shortly. Lots of talk about benefits, and Cody said AEW will take care of its stars if they are injured, and wanted to work towards getting everyone healthcare and benefits. Janela will continue to do his indie shows like Spring Break, as they are “not in the business” of killing what people are passionate about. This goes for Jericho’s cruise as well.

We’re now back at the Airbnb for the night, and will be recording a post-show podcast while eating a large amount of pizza (we were on our feet working the rally for the last 11 hours). Stay tuned.fffffcn