Staff Makes Their WrestleMania Predictions For All 16 Matches!

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Mike Killam: Demon Balor doesn’t lose. The end.

dougEwrestling: This was a waste to bring the Demon back in a show that didn’t really need it and it had no meaning. Either way, if they have the Demon lose in such a meaningless match, is Balor meaningless himself? Balor all the way…for his sake.

Matthew Wilkinson: As soon as WWE confirmed that The Demon would be returning at WrestleMania they confirmed that Finn Balor will be becoming the new Intercontinental Champion, the Demon isn’t losing.

Tom Clark: Bálor all the way. He’s earned the title and probably only lost it so he can win it again as The Demon on the Mania stage. Seems like a sure bet to me.

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John Heniff: The Demon King has never lost on WWE television (if you ignore Samoa Joe’s lone victory at NXT Takeover: The End). I don’t see another loss here. Bālor becomes a two-time Intercontinental Champion.

Dan Ryno: Lashley tried to tell us, on RAW, that The Demon and Finn Balor are the same person. This was emotionally crushing to me. For this reason alone, Lashley loses his title.

Peter Smith: I don’t think that this one is going very long, I think Bobby Lashley will last longer than Baron Corbin did, but I think this will still be a squash.

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