Punk Comments on Bryan & Wyatts, Usos Work as Heels, Goldberg-Ryback

– The Usos worked as heels as they defeated Drew McIntyre and Heath Slater in Glasgow, Scotland last night. McIntyre came out to a huge pop from the hometown crowd but got pinned to end the match.

– As seen on SmackDown and at recent WWE live events, Ryback has been doing the spear and the jackhammer moves. Bill Goldberg re-tweeted the following comment from a fan in response to Ryback:

“Ryback hitting a Spear + Jackhammer better mean @Goldberg is coming back. Because if he isnt then its a total kick in the nuts to him by WWE”

– CM Punk spoke to Renee Young after saving Daniel Bryan from another Wyatt Family attack on last night’s SmackDown. Renee asked if there is a new pairing between Punk and Bryan. Punk said he’s always done his own thing but wants to get a piece of The Wyatts now. Punk added he doesn’t think there is a pairing between he and Bryan, he just likes to kick people in the face.

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  • Ozzy TYSON

    Dear WWE… No offense guys, but PLEASE get your heads out of your @$$es! Where in the blue hell did you get the idea that fans want GOLDBERG to come back to face Ryback at WrestleMania?! Because they chant “Gooooldberg” at Ryback?! Here’s a revelation for ya – they do that because they all know you changed Skip Sheffield’s character to try to rip off GOLDBERG… and noone wants to see that. Ten years from now are you gonna trot out some tall pale guy dressed in black who’s seemingly undead and virtually indestructible, trying to make money off The Undertaker’s legacy? I hope you have the sense to know how that would work out. Ryback ain’t bad. But essentially, he’s the ewuivalent of the Renegade in WCW. Yeah, I said it. WWE, please, please, PLEASE make the RIGHT decision here – if GOLDBERG is going to come back trust me, PUT HIM IN THE RING VERSUS THE DEAMAN AT WRESTLEMANIA. THAT’s the match – the DREAM MATCH – we want to see!!! IF you agree, fellow fans, we need to START RAISING HELL.