Punk Expresses Frustration at Batista, Says Recent Work Hasn’t Been Good

– Prowrestling.net reports that CM Punk seemed very disinterested in the current WWE product at his Wizard World Q&A session in Portland this past Friday during Royal Rumble weekend. Punk was very upset about Batista getting the WrestleMania XXX main event. He said he is friends with Batista but he wanted to be honest and it was Daniel Bryan’s year.

Punk made the comment, “I show up. Someone tells me what to do and I just go out do it and leave.” He also implied his recent work was not good and that he was down to using two moves a match. Punk reportedly came off despondent and unhappy with WWE.

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  • Jason Campolo

    about time someone gets pissed off at wwe

  • Anthony D

    I’m I not the only one not pleased on how WWE is doing things as of late!

    • captainbuck

      Anthony, did you hear the chants during the Royal Rumble on Cena Orton? Daniel Bryan, followed by Boring, followed by We Want Refunds! during that match. Yeah, it’s like Sept/Nov all over again.

      • Anthony D

        That’s true. I started to watch wrestling from Japan now. I least its still good over there!

  • Shaun Simpson

    I get the whole “I’m better than you” schtick but at the same time..most Americans are frustrated d with their bosses and their jobs in general..I enjoy Punk as a character..I love the guy when you are supposed to…and I love hating him when that is is gig…that being said..I really hope he has to struggle with finding work..and has to live pay check to pay check due to his attitude..a job is a job and he doesn’t seem the slightest bit greatful for the position he is in..yeah..he’s good..I’m willing to say he is one of the best in the world at what he does…but he forgets..Vince makes stars…and gen more important than that..the Fans make the stars..he may think he is turning is back on ‘Big Brother’…but he is turning his back on the fans of who pay to see him..he really needs a talk with Steve Austin…Stone Cold did the samething years back…and has openly admitted the mistake…I think Austin and Punk’s problems are the same and opposite…Steve needed to put down the bottle…Punk needs to pick one up and relax!

    • allan

      how is cm punk drinkin gonna help anything but have everyone call him a phony

  • allan

    wwe has always been like this they dont care whats best for bussiness,but image its all about image. and when your wwe champ its about bout your image just ask rvd lol

  • allan

    i bet even if half of wwes roster walked off cause they were sick of how the show was going wwe would just claim they made all of them and they can just make another.