Punk Responds to Rock’s Workout Photo, Jim Ross Hypes Q&A


– As noted earlier, The Rock posted a new photo of himself getting ready by lifting weights for tonight’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. CM Punk responded to that photo on Twitter, writing, “Heavy barbell curls do not help you breathe. #EliminationChamber #tryandkeepup”

– Jim Ross hyped a Q&A with Mean Gene and Jerry Lawler on Twitter, writing, “Excited to join Mean Gene & @JerryLawler THIS Friday in Milwaukee at Potawatomi Casino for our 1st ever 90 minute Q&A. Tkts @ Ticketmaster.”

EXCLUSIVE: More Elimination Chamber Predictions!


  1. all the muscle in the world doesnt make you a great wrestler. but punks being A little hard on rock .punk is known as a wrestling ironman ewhich means he goes all day. and there were rumors rock couldnt keepup with punk at the rr


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