Punk Talks Contract Expiring, the Michelle Beadle Incident and Lots More


– Earlier we posted CM Punk’s latest interview with Ariel Helwani of MMAFighting.com. Here are some highlights from the interview:

* While we may know who Punk is facing at WrestleMania XXX, he says a lot can change in six weeks.

* His current contract expires in July and he hasn’t spoke to anyone about a new deal yet. Punk said his boss changes every few months and he doesn’t know who his current boss is. He said everything is up in the air regarding his future with WWE. He said three years ago, he was 100% out of the door and to avoid repeating himself, he’s going to say “he doesn’t know.”

* He talked about having an open line to Vince McMahon and them both being insomniacs texting each other at 4am.

* He asked Vince if he could induct The Ultimate Warrior into the Hall of Fame but doesn’t believe he will get to. He said popular opinion is that Hulk Hogan will induct Warrior.

* He was critical of The Rock returning but doesn’t feel the same about Batista because Batista is back “for the long haul.”

* He said the drama with AJ Lee and Michelle Beadle was a “bunch of horseshit.” He thought he and Beadle were friends and backstage at the Tribute to the Troops, she walked past him “with a group of women” and said “some disrespectful shit” and “I was like, whoa.” Punk said “his girlfriend” (AJ Lee) went to Beadle and the same group of women and introduced herself and pulled her aside and told her not to speak that way to her boyfriend and Beadle said, “OK.” Punk was asked how something like that leaks out and he said that he doesn’t know. He said that it was made out to be salacious and that’s why it was picked up. Punk said what Beadle said was, “What’s up fuckface” before high-fiving the girl next to her.

* He’s not sure if he will be excited about the WWE Network “until he gets his PPV checks.”

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