PW Staff Predictions: WWE Evolution – Calling Our Shots on the Past, Present & Future of Women’s Wrestling

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KILLAM: Okay, we’ve had our fun. The Bellas have gotten in a few good jabs, laughs were had, judgements were questioned, people were injured… We all know we’re watching this match to see “Rowdy” Ronda put the Divas era in an armbar. Ronda wins. 

MATTHEW: The easiest prediction for the entire show as anything other than a Ronda Rousey win would be ridiculous. Whilst I think the Bella Twins get way too much heat from fans and therefore I expect the match to be fun, I fully anticipate it all ending with an Arm Bar as Nikki takes another break from WWE.

DOUG: Ronda has to win this right? I know Nikki gets heat, and Vince loves stupid heat, but for godsakes, please let Ronda win.

ROSS: Wouldn’t it be cool if Nikki won? I think it’d be cool if Nikki won. Ronda is going to win and likely usher in the Four Horsewomen of MMA, but I’m going to pretend Nikki has a chance. Nikki to win.

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DALLAS: Ronda Rousey has been on a tear ripping arms off of every women she’s stepped in the ring since debuting at Wrestlemania 34. The Bella’s are the last “Divas” on the roster with nothing to lose. I think WWE are going to throw us a curve ball and have Nikki Bella win the championship with help from Brie Bella to continue this feud. 

PETER: Ronda Rousey has this easy in my opinion. WWE has been pushing her hard as an unstoppable force so far and I think they’re making too much off of her to put the brakes on her yet. The Bellas have been prominent on Raw and Smackdown, but I get the feeling that it is mostly to build hype for Evolution.

Ronda Rousey 4-2 Nikki Bella

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