R-Truth Reflects on His Career in WWE, Goldust’s Warning to The Shield

– Before his Intercontinental Championship Match against Curtis Axel tomorrow night at WWE Battleground, R-Truth reflects on his career in WWE, including his partnership with Road Dogg, joining the “dark side” in 2011, and the strong message sent to him recently by Stephanie McMahon.

– Tomorrow night at WWE Battleground, Cody Rhodes and Goldust look to not only regain their jobs but also save their father’s, when they square off against WWE Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. Goldust issued the following to The Shield via Twitter this morning.

“I wonder if @WWERomanReigns and @WWERollins realize what is coming their way. No, i don’t think they do! #WWEBattleground #RhodesFamily @wwe,” wrote Goldust.

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  • Rich Francis

    That’s never a good sign when the Rhodes Twitter like that only VInce can Save there butts now.

    • Mr. Baker

      HHH is BAD FOR BUSINESS…in saying that I think he would be a great GM or the often used ‘Commissioner’..But I don’t see him as a real life exec, despite the fact that he already is…Things have gone the way of the s***ter.still better than TNA , but s***ty nonetheless..Truth of the matter is while everyone can try and emulate Vince, they will never have his guile , vision and intelligence . As it pertains to the business. Only 1 Vinnie Mac

      • Michael Delfino

        While I don’t disagree, keep in mind that what you see on WWE television is still 90% Vince. Guys like Paul Levesque (I refuse to refer to him as HHH when referring to him in his corporate role), Stephanie McMahon, etc. are more various combinations of “yes men” and advisers at this point in their career, which isn’t a bad thing when you think about it. They’re in their what? Mid 40’s and late 30’s respectively? I doubt Vince was quite the visionary when he was that age.

      • Rich Francis

        That is why he isn’t being called the owner Steph is. HHH is only being called the COO. HHH is nothing compared to Stephanie right now and soon they will make Vince the good Owner and split the brands.