Randy Orton Comments on Being a Top Heel of the Company

Randy Orton recently spoke to The Detroit News about WWE’s decision to make him the top heel of the company once again.

“It feels really good,” says Orton, on the phone Monday from Toronto before going live on “Monday Night Raw” that night. “I’m glad I can get another shot. Not to harp on the past or anything, but I’ve made a few bad decisions here and there, and this is my chance to prove not only to the fans but to the company that I can carry the ball and represent the company.”

Orton also commented on how John Cena’s injury opened the doors for him to be a top contender on the roster again.

“I’m not saying that’s the sole reason, but it doesn’t hurt,” says Orton, referring to the sidelining of John Cena, who recently underwent surgery on his tricep and is out for four to six months. “They needed somebody, and they looked around and they go, ‘There’s our guy!’ It’s not like I said, ‘Hey guys, I got an idea. Help out.’ ”

Major Spoiler for Sunday’s Night of Champions PPV Involving the WWE Championship Title….


    Cena being injured is EXACTLY why the spotlight is on you now. You are not fooling anyone. One of the most boring personalities in wrestling, you will go back down to midcard when Cena comes back.

    • allan

      You make me sick, Orton may not be the best wrestler but heel or even face he’s way better then superman aka Mr 5 moves of doom and as a heel Orton out shines him big time Orton has always got rave reviews about being a great heel. And even if cana was there Orton would still be the top heel its just he would be facing Orton instead of Bryan which would be a waste of time

      And why a guest account are you not old enough to be on here lmao that would explain being such a cen
      a fan lol

      • GUEST

        I’m not comparing Cena to Orton, they are completely different in many ways. I’m saying he is the top guy right now because Cena is injured and that is the ONLY REASON WHY. I’m not a fan of Cena, he is just as boring as Orton maybe even more so. My comment was about Orton saying “Cena being injured isn’t the only reason I’m the top guy right now” when clearly that IS the case.

  • allan

    Orton is an amazing heel always has been cause really he’s kind of an asshole anyways lol

  • Rene Ramirez

    Orton an asshole but one of the greatest heels don’t consider him boring just stale he been there done that but maybe as a leader of the shield he can be interested plus experience is there. HHH was boring in the when he started and know he caries the company there not many more than can carry the company like orton Brying and punk are there but the new blood new to step in normally i say they beating “Bryan but starting to see the story before the vets finish the new blood needs to establish Orton is not the face but he is a LEADER

    • allan

      He’s suppose to be the face, hhh is the leader