Randy Orton Dating a WWE Total Diva?, Backstage News on Ziggler, More


– It’s said within WWE that Dolph Ziggler is being punished for something he said in an interview during SummerSlam week. No word yet on what Ziggler said that has WWE officials upset but it’s said he’s paying the price for saying the wrong thing.

– Within WWE, people are denying that Randy Orton and Total Diva Jo Jo are an item but people have reported seeing them together holding hands. Orton and Jo Jo could be one of the bigger storylines on the next season of Total Divas. The speculation likely comes from this photo of the two at WWE’s Superstars For Hope party last month during SummerSlam weekend:

Orton and jo Jo

Word going around is that there will be another major relationship twist for the next season, one that will be clever and shocking, and it’s not The Bella Twins “switching places” in their relationships with Daniel Bryan and John Cena.

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    • Orton is said to be tight with HHH so for the moment he’s untouchable. He can screw up all he wants and get away with it.

  1. OK was ziggler being punished for by losimg the title so quick or losing more matches then anyone for the last few years lol

  2. That’s WWE’s mistake, people speak up and get punished. Also funny that Orton’s going for a girl who cant even drink legally, but he’s a drug addict so its all good I guess………. Orton fans are going to be so mad that I called him a drug addict but I don’t care

  3. Its real nice that guys like Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger have become jobbers. Two top athletes with incredible credentials are reduced to the same level as 3MB, at least for the time being. Maybe they can bring back The Brooklyn Brawler and Iron Mike Sharpe and have a jobber reunion. I don’t care for The Chosen One (Randy Orton) and The Other Guy (ADR). They’re boring as hell, and ADR not only doesn’t represent the Latinos, but he doesn’t even represent the kukarachas.

  4. Randy’s current wife is much hotter than JoJo, I dont know whats gotten to him, too many kicks to the head??


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