Randy Orton Says He’d Love to Follow The Rock’s Path


Randy Orton was asked during an interview with Shockya.com if 12 Rounds 2: Reloaded was a pivot point in his career.

“Yeah, kind of like Dwayne Johnson, and the route he’s gone? He’s still around the wrestling world and that’s his first love but the moneymaker for him now is movies and that’s where his heart lies now,” Orton said. “I would love for that to happen, I would love for that to happen. But as an actor can you compare me with the Rock? Hell no, hell no. I have a long way to go, and I know that.”

Orton also discussed his transition his Marine Corps discharge to becoming a professional wrestler.

“I got a bad conduct discharge, was at home for a few months in late ’99 and basically said, ‘Dad, I want to give wrestling a shot, I sure as hell don’t wanna go to college and the Marine Corps wasn’t for me. And I need to make some money, so let’s see if I can do it,'” Orton recalled. “He made a few phone calls, and luckily still had some connections. Guys like Jack Lanza, Pat Patterson, Bruce Pritchard, Tom Pritchard – those guys all helped me get a tryout. And I’d never been in the ring, so they went on a lot of faith and signed me and thought that they could help mold me into a WWE superstar. And now I’m glad they did, because that was a big turning point in my life.”

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