Randy Orton Says He’s Sick Of His Current WWE Role

Randy Orton

Photo Credit: YouTube.com

Former 13-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton recently appeared on the Edge and Christian podcast, where he spoke about his current role as a babyface in WWE.

It’s no secret that Orton prefers to be a heel, and he made that clear during his chat with E&C, saying that he’s “sick of this babyface thing.”

“I love it and I’m going to use that, hopefully sooner than later when I turn heel again,” Orton said. “I’m sick of this babyface thing, that’s for sure.”

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Right now, Orton is assuming the role of the babyface in his feud with Rusev, which will probably end after this Sunday’s Hell in a Cell show, so perhaps he’s in line for a heel turn after HIAC.