Randy Orton Says WrestleMania “Snake Looked Like Giant Sperm”

– This past weekend, WWE Champion Randy Orton participated in a brief Q&A at Wizard World St. Louis, check out this excerpt from the following BleedingCool article below:

“As expected Wrestlemania was a hot topic of discussion. When asked about his experience at Wrestlemania 33, Orton did not shy away from his true feelings. While pleased with his match against Wyatt, Orton made it evident that he loathed his entrance down the long digital snake ridden video ramp to the ring. Orton remarked to the all-ages crowd that “The snake looked like giant sperm.” He then proceeded to answer follow up questions explaining that he has no say whatsoever in his Wrestlemania entrances. Orton stated that he would love to have an elaborate entrance like Triple H had at this years event but he is often “screwed out of entrances.”

Be sure to check out the article in its entirety by following this link.