Randy Orton Talks About Performance Center, 12 Rounds 2 Preparation & More


Randy Orton was recently interviewed by CFNews13.com. Here are some highlights from the interview.

If he had to shadow an EMT to prep for his 12 Rounds 2: Reloaded role: Yes, yes. I was curious going into it on whether they’d send me — well, I know The Miz had to go to hand-to-hand combat school for like a week, or something like that. I was curious if I was going to have to take EMT classes. [I spent a] couple of hours one morning with a paramedic in Vancouver a week before we started shooting. They just wanted me to get comfortable with the back side of an ambulance, basically, and knowing how to start an IV and find the defibrillator and operate it. Without him, you know, it would’ve been very apparent I had no idea what I was doing.

If there was a scene here he needed a stunt double: Yes, there was. Funny story, actually. Stunt men are great. They’re there to make it a little easier on the actors. I wanted to be a stunt man as a kid, so I did all my stunts. There were two times, however, where my stunt double talked me into letting him do it. I got tossed or kicked down a flight of stairs. But he wore body armor under his EMT outfit that I was wearing, of course. He’s made up to look just like me. But he literally – head to toe – was covered in like this hard plastic and I’m like, ‘Are you serious, bro?’ I would’ve just done it just like this. I’ve got my thermal underwear on underneath my thing. I don’t need my chest plate [pounding chest]! But those guys get paid when they take the bumps like that, so he was great and he was actually Jason in Friday the 13th. I had to give the guy a payday. I couldn’t steal his thunder. He’s gotta have his name in the credits.

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If WWE has drilled him on the new WWE Performance Center opening up: No no. I have done a little bit of stuff down there with Full Sail, but I’m not too sure on what they’ve got going on down there. I haven’t been down there for that.

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