We Ranked the Top 10 Best Things About This Week’s WWE RAW

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#10 – Apollo Crews Lookin’ Good

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When it was announced that The Miz would face off against Apollo Crews for a spot in the Elimination Chamber, I don’t think anybody was really rushing the window to place their bets on the Titus Worldwide member. The former indie sensation is an infinitely talented performer, but he hasn’t exactly been hanging out in the main event scene lately. Or ever…

I loved Apollo’s match with The Miz this Monday night. He showed a great deal of fire and intensity, launching into crazy offensive combos and controlling a lot of the pace and action. Crews was the star in that match, and while I don’t think he’s necessarily on my short list for world champions in 2018, he at least proved that there should be a midcard title reign down the line for him.

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