We Ranked The Top 10 Best Things About The WWE Women’s Royal Rumble Match

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#10 – Carmella’s Constant Tantrums

The self-proclaimed Staten Island Princess was one of my favorite break-out stars of 2017, and while she still has a ways to go as an in-ring performer, there’s certainly no denying she has the character down to a science.

Carmella oozes arrogance and swagger in every single step, which you saw as she made her way down to the ring and tried to front on the legendary Vickie Guerrero. Five seconds later she was screaming and throwing a temper tantrum on the floor – and that’s what so perfect about her. The arrogance is totally unearned, and vanishes the second an actual threat crosses her path. She’s not a good wrestler, and they use that as a very real and obvious part of her persona.

I thought that vibe came out across the entire Rumble match, and I was very impressed by the limited amount of work Carmella actually snuck into the historic bout. She stood out as the ONLY woman screaming at her competitors, “NO NO PUT ME DOWN” as they attempted to toss her over the top rope. She may not have won, and maybe she wasn’t even a serious contender, but Carmella certainly had more personality than most of her competition.

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