We Ranked The Top 10 Best Things About The WWE Women’s Royal Rumble Match

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#9 – Lana Day

I feel bad for Lana. When she debuted as the Ravishing Russian alongside future husband Rusev the two were WWE’s hottest and brightest power couple. Their act drew so much heat they ended up working with all of Monday Night Raw’s top babyfaces, quickly becoming a potential main event act and – briefly – a viable contender to the world title.

When WWE broke them up Lana took time off and eventually came back as a singles star. Her push lasted a few weeks as they burned through a few mediocre title matches with Naomi and basically never touched her as a wrestler again. Now I’m not saying she should be champion, or a serious contender to this year’s Rumble match. What I am saying is… I feel bad that Lana often gets overshadowed by her uber popular husband while she struggles to find something consistent to do on her own merit.

The sadly brief “Lana Day” segment during the Women’s Rumble had me in stitches. The crowd had already been chanting “Rusev Day” since the moment she hit the ring, so after being knocked down and counted out by all her opponents she finally fired up, laid out a few people with devastating slaps, and cried to the heavens, “IT’S LANA DAAAAY!”

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