We Ranked the Top 10 Best Wrestlers of the Year; Who Was the Best in 2017?

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2017 was one of the greatest years for in-ring professional wrestling in the history of the business. There are a whole bunch of promotions still struggling to tell consistently entertaining stories, but one thing that can’t be argued is the actual work rate and quality of the matches put on between those ropes is approaching an industry high golden age.

The following ten names represent the best of the best in terms of the matches they had throughout 2017. It’s worth pointing out that all year-end awards and top ten lists are subjective and totally at the whims of those who put them together. I selected my picks for Best Wrestlers of the Year from a personal list of match ratings encompassing every event run in 2017 by WWE, New Japan, Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling, as well as independent promotions like PWG, AAW, RevPro, WrestleCircus, PROGRESS and CZW.

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