We Ranked the Top 10 Female WWE Superstars of 2017; Who Was the Best of the Best?

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Last week we ranked the Top 10 Male WWE Superstars of 2017 as we take a look back on another year come and gone in the world of professional wrestling. Today we’re back to fill out the other end of the equation, with the Top 10 Female WWE Superstars of 2017.

Now, just like our recent men’s edition this list will only focus on superstars from the WWE main roster, as the men and women from NXT will be getting their own column in the next few days. As for those who were called up from NXT during 2017, we will only be factoring in their work on the main roster as part of our decision-making process.

Honorable Mentions


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“Nobody is ready for Asuka,” and that apparently includes the creative writers and decision-makers of Monday Night Raw. While the undefeated “Empress” got off to a rocky star after moving to the main roster in October, Asuka has been rapidly gaining ground and taking names every single week. She recently announced herself as a part of the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble match and simultaneously knocked out the Raw Women’s Champion on live television, so here’s hoping that 2018 yields the same success as her 510 days as NXT Women’s Champion.

Absolution & The Riott Squad

jimmy fallon

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It’s far too early to consider the fate of any of these six ladies, but we’re really excited to see what Paige’s Absolution faction, and Ruby Riott’s all-girl gang are capable of in the year to come. Obviously the two veterans of the group are bound for great things, and Paige is already a multi-time Divas Champion who will easily pick up a few more titles before her career is done. But what’s really exciting is tracking the journeys of the young rookies as they progress and sit under the learning trees of their respective groups.

Nothing breeds success more consistently in pro wrestling than a well-handled faction over a long period of time. For proof, we submit The Shield and Evolution, two groups specifically modeled to blend a variety of experiences together while establishing the future of the WWE brand. Can Absolution or the Riott Squad come close to reaching those levels of greatness? Only time will tell…

Tamina Snuka

Tamina made her return to the ring in April of 2017, and immediately made her presence felt by enlisting with Natalya and Carmella as the official, unofficial “Welcoming Committee” of Smackdown Live. Unfortunately, after that she kind of… went nowhere. Tamina was a part of the first ever Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match, and did compete in a couple #1 contender’s matches throughout the year, but she always came up empty. There was a momentary flicker of hope when she teamed up with Lana as her new manager. The idea of the “Ravishing Russian” turning Tamina into some kind of female Rusev was intriguing, to say the least, but once again the concept went nowhere.

Becky Lynch

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It almost kills me to relegate Becky to the Honorable Mentions list, as she is statistically one of the best women’s wrestlers on the entire roster. She was a pioneer in the NXT women’s revolution, one of the “four horsewomen” of pro wrestling, and is easily one of the nicest and most driven people in the business today. On work ethic and performance alone she deserves the top spot on most lists, but unfortunately… Becky was just kind of “there” in 2017. She had a small handful of title opportunities throughout the year and actively participated in the ongoing programs on Smackdown Live, but they never gave her anything to do beyond just being in matches as “Charlotte’s friend”, or the obligatory babyface who ran in to save Naomi every other week. It’s a damn shame, and hopefully we see “Hot Fire” Becky Lynch back on top of her game in 2018.

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  1. I agree with most of this list besides bayley… She probably had the roughest year of all and the “this is your life” segment is something that will be etched in my.mind for eternity unfortunately.

  2. Robert Walimuminun on

    How lame!!!!!!! I am AMAZED that Asuka is only honorable mention! And look where Natalya is ranked! These rankings are so ridiculous that there is no way they are based on anything other than loyalty to the old guard members of the WWE women’s roster. I am so disappointed!

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