Ranking the 8 Best Things About WWE SummerSlam ’19

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I wanted to rank this higher, but the match really didn’t give me the feeling of satisfaction I was hoping for coming out of SummerSlam. Shane McMahon has been the bane of our existence for months now, both as a heel character that actually draws enormous heat, but because he gets more TV time than almost anyone on the WWE roster week-to-week. The build-up to this match felt like K.O. was coming for blood, and he was willing to put his CAREER ON THE LINE to get his hands on Shane.

Given some of the bloodbaths we’ve seen Vince (and let’s be honest, Shane himself) go through over the years, this was kind of a letdown. It was booked well for what they were going for, and the match wasn’t awful, but I was hoping Owens would beat him down so bad we actually get a few months without Shane on television. Instead he just hit him with the Stunner and won, like it was any other wrestling match. But hey, a McMahon got stunned, Owens won a match on a big stage, and life moved on rather quickly, so it gets a place on the lower end of our list.

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