Reason Behind WWE Bringing Jim Ross Back After Firing in 2013

WWE decided to bring back Jim Ross after firing him in 2013 because they didn’t want a “familiar voice” to be the lead announcer for the upcoming ITV’s World of Sport Wrestling. The ITV show could be a huge success or a failure, and WWE officials did not want to take a chance so they offered Ross a two year contract, while ITV could only guarantee ten weeks.

The current plan is to use Ross for the new WWE UK show or a talk show on the WWE Network. These plans could change if Mauro Ranallo does not return to Smackdown Live.

In a recent interview, Ross revealed his role with WWE:

“I think I’m going to do 30-40 dates in my first 12 months of my deal. Those dates are to be determined. There’s nothing they can assign me that I haven’t done before. How many wrestling matches you think I’ve called in my lifetime—100,000? If they want me to do U.K. or NXT or Main Event, I don’t care. It’s all good to me. My days of being the lead guy, the No. 1 voice—all that is way yesterday. Guys who’ve had those issues like I have had in my career, they have self-esteem and confidence issues. I have both those. Totally happy to admit it, but I ain’t got them no more. I’m 65 years old. I feel great, I just lost my wife, I’m trying to get back on my feet here, and I’ve said this and I truly mean it: I’m happy to get my jersey back. I’m happy to re-sign with my old team. Whatever role I need to play, I’m fine with.”

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter