Reason Del Rio was Angry, Punk’s Segment with Fan, WWE in 5


– Embedded below is WWE’s latest “WWE in 5” video from the week of August 12th.

– The reason that Alberto Del Rio appeared to be angry after his bout with Sin Cara on Monday’s Raw was because he wouldn’t finish the match. As we noted earlier, there was backstage heat towards Sin Cara for this incident.

– The segment with CM Punk going off on the fan at ringside on Monday’s Raw was not part of the script, and the fan wasn’t a plant either. For whatever reason, the fan cause Punk to lose his cool.

EXCLUSIVE: His Time is Up, Their Time is NOW….

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  1. I don’t think it’s that CM Punk lost his cool, if you watch his old stuff you’ll see that it’s just normal CM Punk.

    • Here we go again with another “fan” who thinks they know CM Punk personally… dude, it’s a SHOW. CM Punk is cool as all hell. Stop analyzing the poor guy…

      • He’s saying that Punk “going off” on a fan is just Punk being Punk, he likes to push peoples buttons. He has said MANY times that he enjoys being a heel more than a face.

        Punk is there to entertain and him yelling at the fan was pretty damn entertaining to me.

  2. The fan was constantly booing punk he was so loud. I saw a few people where he was sitting at saying for him to stop. Fans just love to edge Punk on

      • you ever break a finger or bone in general and yes I am what I eat. it hurts and he did the right thing by stopping no matter what the injury is to continue on is only asking for trouble but then again your super human sitting behind a computer saying people are pussies for breaking a bone and quitting. But I guess you would of continued cause your a big strong computer wrestling geek

  3. As performers, you get heckled by people all the time. S***, If I got butt hurt every time someone called me names, I’d be in jail indefinitely. You have to develop a thick skin and not care about what people think, for its what you think that really matters.

    • Chiming in with another similar post, Ralph? Why do you and Allan ALWAYS overstate the obvious. Save your fingers the energy, and stop needlessly straining your mind!

    • Been there, done that, Allen? Never saw you wrestle before. What name did you go by? Oh wait… you were never a professional wrestler… oh okay. So once again you made a crazy fool of yourself by fonting garbage into this thread. You really are a sad case….

  4. Well well well When it happens to Cena people don’t mind it because a lot hate him. Poor Cm he is just feeling what happens to wrestlers that big Rock, Cena , etc, now its Cm. People if Cena lost his cool at the fans every time he got booed he would look like a lunatic. I could see why Alberto was mad for this to. He could take a good couple of punches but Sin Cara always hurt cant finish a match is on the roster for why. Sin Cara I broke my hand in high school and i finish my basketball game it hurt but it was for the best for the team.

    • Sin Cara is an absolute flop. Soon, as I said before, he will be Sin Trabajo (Without Work). HHH really failed in believing in this guy. Hell, Sin Cara botched his entrances so they had to change them!!!

    • CM Punk is SUPPOSED to look like a lunatic. That was part of the reason for him “losing his cool”. It’s not like he was actually upset with the fans. CM Punk used to get booed all the time, just a few months ago. it’s not like he can’t handle it.

      • Punk done it before threaten the ringside fan. And no after a while when they break your specking you have to wing it some time its way hard and the guy pestering you just want to smash his head in. My friend who got booed regularly lost his thought 3 times and had to wing it and asked the fan to compete against him.

        • Punk “done” it? I’m just going to ignore that grammatical error. And yes, Punk HAS threatened fans before…WHEN HE WAS A HEEL! That’s what they do, every single heel has antagonized the fans and dared them to step in the ring.

          If Punk DID lose his train of thought and covered it up by “winging it” and threatening the fan, it again goes to prove my point that he didn’t lose his temper, it was just Punk being Punk.

  5. I guess its not okay for fans anymore to boo your least favorite wrestler. This is why I hate today’s talent. No class and no respect. It’s every fans right to boo who they hate. .. F*** CM PUNK… If I had been that fan I would had jumped out of my seat and whooped his ass but i’m sure cm puke was counting on security to save his little ass anyway.

    • Charlie it seems that you have no idea about how Punk works, that was freakin genius, did you see how he used that to make people chant CM PUNK and used that fan to get pissed off to created a unique tense and real atmosphere which made sense with his storyline, specially after the Brock lesnar loss and that he didn’t get the revenge he wanted against Paul Heyman. He is the best on the mic. Both heyman and punk.

      • you said it perfectly ,some people say they know pro wrestling but just don’t quiet get it , CM Punk was genius the way he used that situation to get realism into his character , he is THE BEST IN THE WORLD

      • Absolutely! Yet these people that just want to chime in and “know” things they really don’t are worse than the WWE writers… They’re wannabes. Nothing more.

    • Gimme a break, clown… One slap across your disrespectful mug would send you crying. Keep your hate to yourself, shut your hole, mind your business, get a job, and leave your mother alone. She doesn’t want to have sex with you…

    • agreed its the fans right to boo or cheer they paid the money to do so personally I wouldn’t jump the rail I’d yell see ya in the parking lot thousand bucks says punk wouldn’t show. 90 percent of pro wrestlers are all talk

      • You’re an idiot. If you had been paying any attention to CM Punk at all in the last 7 years he’s been in the WWE, you’d know what a genius he is.

          • It’s called “keyboard warrior”, moron. And you mean to say you’re not, Mr. Parking-Lot-Brawler? All I said is that you’re an idiot (and, now, that you’re a moron), you’re the one claiming that you’d kick someones ass.

            I stand by what I say (or typed), I call people idiots and morons all the time. Don’t feel bad, you’re not the only dumbass here.

          • big words man real big words the only difference between me and people here I back up my words.. if I had to be that fan yes I would said lets go to the parking lot… yes I might get the biggest ass kicking ever I might give the biggest ass kicking ever I’m the type person that will let someone like CM punk tell me to shut up or threaten me or whatever . You dumbass moron and don’t feel bad your not the only one here either.

          • Really? Those are “big words” to you? You must have a small vocabulary.

            You’re no different from anyone else here. You say what you do because you know there’s 0 chance of someone hunting you down and kicking your ass.

            Don’t try to hide it to come off as a badass, we all do it. No one’s going to think you’re macho, you’re not going to get more women, you’re not going to get a better job (especially with such a small vocabulary) and no one is going to like you more.

          • anyone wants to hunt me down on a website here I live in 149 Grenfell crescent fort McMurray Alberta Canada. as far as that goes if your willing to do that then you got absolutely nothing better to as for woman I’m a married man I have a beautiful Asian wife I make 32 dollars An hour driving big rigs and if I got such small vocabulary oh well I’m still perfectly happy

          • So…you just gave me your address, said you have an Asian wife and pretty much told me you have a job that keeps you away from home. Nice job.

  6. LOL. Idolizer, take a chill pill bro. Don’t allow everything to bother you, life is too short. Anyway, a friend of mine did attend that Raw in Anaheim and said that the fan was getting really irate. All I can say is that he reminds me of how you get sometimes. Adios.

    • wonder how they would react if he had to break his thumb or toe As I said once before long ago there are times I wish wcw won the Monday night wars

        • I guess that’s true once you look at it but what meant was too win and still be going strong today it possibly couldn’t be any worse then the wwe today

          • WCW would probably still be around but it would probably not be as good as the MNW days. It would be like TNA is now (which is s***). When Jeff Jarrett owned TNA it was un touchable but when he sold it it went down hill

  7. When not in his “character”, CM Punk is probably the coolest dude you could ever run into. What he did with that fan was seize an opportunity to get the crowd riled up.That’s what he does. That’s why he’s the best on the mic hands down. As far as in ring ability, the only one who is as good if not better is Daniel Bryan.


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