Reason Miz Was Selected As the Host of SummerSlam


Many within WWE see The Miz as their top social media representative, and because of this they are making a major social media push for SummerSlam this year, which is why Miz has been appointed as the “host” of the event.

As noted earlier today, Miz will be using Google Glass during the event. Google Glass is a computer linked up to a pair of glasses that transmits photos and videos through social media platforms.

WWE V.P. Perkins Miller spoke to, saying, “We can use social media as the glue that connects all of these things for our fans who can’t be in Los Angeles as well as the fans who are there. It creates a unified experience we weren’t able to have before.”

Miz will also be representing World Wrestling Entertainment for the Playstation launch of a live-event streaming App. SummerSlam will be available to order via the Playstation Network, providing another outlet for fans to watch the pay-per-view.

EXCLUSIVE: Possible Spoilers for This Sunday’s SummerSlam PPV Event….



  1. ive said it before and ill say it again THIS IS WHERE MIZ BELONGS, clearly he doesnt dream of being the greatest wrestler alive… he already reached a level he most likely never will again. and now hes been going down hill ever since and now hes back to diva search miz lol miz has great mic skills so this is perfect for him,

    • That actually makes a lot of sense. Miz would be perfect for for a Smackdown announcer. Everyonce and a while have Miz tv.

  2. You guys are right. He’s a natural with the mic, knows how to say the right things, and can give an incredible insight because he’s done it all as a wrestler.


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